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In this modern era we are serving with advanced technology for the diagnosis.

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Routine eye examination must be done once in a year

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VisionX Laser and Eye Clinic is a subsidiary of Eyexperts that has been providing eye related services for more than 10 years in the well-known Hameed Latif Hospital Lahore. Our team comprises eye surgeons that are leading best eye hospitals in Lahore.

The ultimate aim of establishing VisionX Laser and Eye Clinic is to provide best and comprehensive eye related services under one roof at very economical rates for the patient’s well-being while Quality maintenance is ensured.

“And when I am ill, it is He (Allah) who heals me” This is Hazrat Ibraheem (A.S) prayer for Healing

What We Offer

Our Services Scope

Child Eye Care

There are a variety of eye disorders and conditions that can affect infants, toddlers, children, and adolescents.

Laser And Refractive Surgery

Refractive ophthalmic surgery allows to correct refractive errors permanently in a safe, effective, and reliable.

Squint And Ptosis Surgery

The medical term for a condition in which the eyes do not stare in the same direction is strabismus.
Comprehensive Eye Examination

Comprehensive Eye Examination

A comprehensive examination once a year is recommended for your eye's health.

Premium Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are one of the leading causes of vision loss. VisionX handles private cataract surgery.

Dry Eye Disease

Dry eye illness is a challenging condition that can have a wide variety of root causes
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Our Values

A Doctor’s Request:

  • Always listen (trust) to your doctor whoever you trust. Kindly don’t alter your treatment plan OR don’t get yourself treated by false experiences of laymen.
  • Don’t use medications or stop using medication without proper professional advice.
  • Keep your and your child’s vision safe. Don’t waste it on digitalization.
  • Always keep your health records safe and along with you while visiting a doctor.
  • Don’t prolong the disease.
  • Never forget ALLAH is the ONLY healer.

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Dr. Nabeel Iqbal

Director & CEO


Dr. Muhammad Abdullah

Dr. Muhammad Abdullah


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